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By Burton Mail  |  Posted: June 05, 2014

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Ghost Stories

Coldplay (Album)


WITH the heartbreak of a failed marriage to get over, you wouldn’t expect Chris Martin to make the new Coldplay album all happy and shiny.

But neither is it the great emotionally charged break-up album that other artists have salvaged from the wreckage of a doomed relationship.

Ghost Stories is instead a rather perplexing affair, offering glimpses of the Coldplay that most fans know and love before shuffling off into ambient soundscapes and songs that shuffle around going nowhere much.

Being Coldplay, it’s not as experimental as Radiohead’s post OK Computer dabblings, which kept their credibility but reduced their fanbase, but this album fails to take off until the last couple of tracks and then fades out with irritating hidden bits of music.

Certainly not as good a ‘Coldplay’ album as the one delivered by Kodaline last year. Maybe that’s where the big choruses went?

(Nigel Powlson)

Rubber Bear

Rubber Bear (Album)


This EP was okay, but little more. The opening track, ‘Elements’ was gentle and melodic, reminding me about of the early-2000s band Athlete.

The following track, ‘Fight For The Freedom’ was also similar, but again didn’t offer anything that made it really stand out.

However, ‘My Addiction’ was had a faster pace about it and was more upbeat.

A combination of good riffs also worked well, although the vocal style is the same, which didn’t really work.

(Matt Cobb)

The Orielles

The Orielles (Album)


I’m not really sure where to begin with this.

All four tracks sound incredibly amateur. The vocals don’t match up with the music, and both the beat and tempo seem to jump around all over the place.

The second track, ‘Old Stuff/New Glass’ is even worse. The vocals are whiny, and the instruments appear to be out of tune, leaving me questioning what The Orielles are trying to achieve.

(Matt Cobb)

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