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Bad Neighbours review

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: May 08, 2014

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I always approach big budget comedies with an open mind but, often, I am left disappointed.

Whether it be that they promise to much or the trailer ruins all of the best jokes, many a time I have left the cinema feeling let down and not entertained.

As I sat waiting for the film Bad Neighbours to start, I feared that I would be left disappointed again – how glad I was to be proved very wrong.

The film revolves around Mac and Kelly Radner (Rogen and Byrne) and the fact that when the house next door goes up for sale they hope for neighbours who could become pals.

Instead they get a frat house, with whom they’re initially friendly, until a misunderstanding sparks a battle that quickly gets out of hand.

I have to admit that for all the love that is showered down upon him, I am not the biggest fan of Seth Rogan.

I think, at times, he can be very one dimensional, always doing his stoner persona and not much more.

However, in Bad Neighbours, despite all of his regular traits being on show I think it could be seen that he was starting to grow as a performer.

He was ably helped by his on screen wife played by the excellent Rose Byrne.

After showing that she can more than hold her own in comedies following a barnstorming showing in hit Bridesmaid, she continues her cracking comedy efforts staring alongside Rogan here.

Byrne, who first shot on to the scene in the excellent television show Damages, manages to get plenty of laughs from being a first-time mum, not an easy situation to make great comedy out of.

However, the biggest star on show has to be former High School Musical star Zac Efron.

Playing the role of the dumb jock, Efron builds a character that has layers and both good and bad sides.

He can be very funny, make people laugh at him and his comic timing is pure perfection.

This role really shows how far he has come and how he has a very good career in the movie business ahead of him in a variety of roles.

Although several of the jokes have been heavily trailed in the film’s pre publicity, this does not lessen the impact one bit.

One that stands out for me involves air bags - it had me laughing out loud.

But, like all comedies, some of the humour does fall flat and some does not translate as it is obviously aimed at an American audience.

One point I would like to make though is the baby in the film has to be one of the best child actors I have ever seen.

Every time the scene called for a smile or a cry, the reaction was beyond perfection and really added to the film.

A long time ago, I remember hearing renowned film critic say that he judges a comedy on how many times he laughs during the film.

He sets his scale at laughing out loud five times, which I do think is rather harsh and set my scale at four.

Within the first 30 minutes, this number had been surpassed and the laughs just kept on coming and coming.

I do not habit of watching comedies more than once unless they are classics because I feel you can never recreate that initial funny feeling.

But, although this could never be dubbed a classic, it is a great laugh out loud comedy that will have you smiling from ear to ear.


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