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Barton under Needwood cancer patient jailed for hitting neighbour

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: August 04, 2014

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A 65-YEAR-OLD cancer sufferer has been jailed for attacking his neighbour with a rock after a football was kicked into his garden.

Ronald Styne, of Park Road, Barton under Needwood, saw red when Paul Kendrick kicked the ball over the fence between their homes.

He was jailed for 22 weeks after hitting his victim in the head 10 times but is appealing against his sentence.

During his trial for assault, Styne, who has no previous convictions, disputed the facts, claiming he acted in self-defence and the rock in question was a “stone the size of a 50p piece” with which he hit Mr Kendrick twice.

However, he was found guilty and appeared at Burton Magistrates’ Court for a pre-sentence report.

Emma Thompson, prosecuting, said Mr Kendrick was at home in his back garden on April 13, playing football with his nephew. The ball was kicked into Styne’s garden.

She said: “The defendant started shouting and swearing, and Mr Kendrick went over to the fence to say sorry. The defendant grabs him and began hitting the injured party around the head with a rock about 10 times, causing a severe bump to the head and a cut to the hairline, causing blood.”

The attack was witnessed by Mr Kendrick’s wife and nephew.

A pre-sentence report said Styne had been having difficulties with his neighbours for the past two years. It was also revealed self-employed Styne was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011 and retired last year.

Steve Hennessy, defending Styne, said: “In the summer of 2013, footballs started coming over the fence into his manicured garden where he has vegetables and flowers. He did what anyone would do and spoke to the neighbours and expected that would be the end of the matter but it wasn’t. It worsened.

“Not only footballs, but tennis balls and golf balls, also causing damage to his health and he was concerned about his very young grandson who visits.

“Attempts to speak to his neighbour have come to nothing so then he reported the matter to the police hoping they would intervene and would show neighbours that this would not be tolerated.

“This is a significant period of continued provocation, leaving him in a frustrated state of mind.”

Jailing him for 22 weeks, magistrates said: “This assault is so serious because of the repeated attack on your victim with a weapon and in the presence of children related to the injured party causing injuries.”

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  • HyacinthBucke  |  August 05 2014, 5:16PM

    Let's hope 'the lad' learns to show respect for his own neighbours property then, especially those who are very sick with cancer. I blame the parents.

    |   7
  • Lucindaaaaaa  |  August 05 2014, 4:24PM

    and @Chewinggum the lad is 20 years old and has just bought his first house using money he saved from his job. If that isn't standing up on your own two feet, I don't know what is.

    |   -5
  • chewinggum  |  August 05 2014, 8:54AM

    Doobiedo, I'm not going to keep entering into response comments to you, as that's bringing me down to your level, which isn't a pretty sight. But if you can read the article, it quite clearly states "attempts to speak with the neighbour came to nothing". Obviously, a language Kendrick didn't understand, either that or determined to make his neighbours life a living hell. As it also stated "difficulties for two years". It's a disgrace that people can act without any compassion, or thought, not neighbourly at all. Let's hope that you do not have suffer the awful disease one day, and after under going numerous treatments and ops, you'll probably want a peaceful life, especially at 65. #disgraceful #theyshouldbeashamedofthemselves

    |   9
  • StampitOut  |  August 04 2014, 10:17PM

    I don't envy Mr Styne living next to that lot. It would appear they are outsmarted by any type of ball. Given the lack of hand-eye co-ordination and/or sloth-like reaction times I can only think how terrifying it must have been for Kendick who will have been totally powerless to stop the 50p sized rock as it hurtled towards him 10 times. The amusing sounding injury of a SEVERE BUMP to the head and a single cut to the hair line are a poor yield from 10 attempts. The phrase cock and bull seems to fit well here. A waste of tax payers money caused by pond life showing a complete lack of respect.

    |   10
  • Doobiedo  |  August 04 2014, 10:03PM

    It's shameful that a 65 man chose to behave like a thug and violently assault another person instead of resolving the situation verbally. If, in your book, kicking a ball over somebody's fence is worse than that, then I think you need your head examining. #yougrowup

    |   -9
  • chewinggum  |  August 04 2014, 8:50PM

    It's shameful that a 65 year old man can't retire, after suffering cancer, to a property without being harassed by his neighbours. Maybe the young man should be turning his energy into seeking to stand on his own two feet, he may then appreciate other peoples property. #growup

    |   10
  • Doobiedo  |  August 04 2014, 7:47PM

    PAUL KENDRICK DOESNT HAVE A WIFE #justice4paul2k14

    |   -6