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Bollard impales two more cars in two days

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: July 29, 2011

Bollards strike again

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BURTON’S infamous rising bollards have struck for the second time in two days.

An elderly male driver was hit by the bollards at the library end of High Street, at around 11am yesterday.

The rising posts tore through the underside of the blue Citroen Xsara Picasso, setting off the airbags and leaving a trial of oil and debris strewn across the road and pavement.

An ambulance and police car attended and the driver was treated for minor injuries at the scene.

When approached by the Mail, the driver declined to comment.

It is the second incident in as many days after a grey Rover 75 ran into trouble with the same bollard at 11.15am on Wednesday.

The 04-registered car was left with a cracked windscreen and a smashed front end.

Yesterday’s crash happened on the eve of the long-awaited results of a safety review into the controversial traffic calming scheme, which were expected to be published today.

The independent report was carried out by highways engineers at Staffordshire County Council following a spate of incidents where vehicles were impaled.

A new sign was installed further up the road last month to warn drivers of the traffic calming measures.

The bollards were installed by Staffordshire County Council in November 2008 in a £200,000 project to stop motorists flouting traffic restrictions through the town centre.

Since then, scores of drivers have crashed into the bollards, with the damage totalling thousands of pounds.

The Mail revealed in June that the total repair bill to the bollards themselves topped more than £20,000, though the county council tries to recover the costs through the drivers reponsible.

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  • Burton Mail  |  August 05 2011, 4:29PM

    I read two types of comments whenever the notorious rising bollards of Burton are mentioned. 1) The drivers deserved it for bad driving; or 2) The bollards are dangerous and will kill someone. When the pregnant woman driving up who follows the bus up the high street hits a bollard, miscarries and dies as a result of the haemorrhage people in the 1st category will be silent for a change. They are the ignorant sort who also vote for bringing back hanging or advocate chopping hands of for theft.

  • Burton Mail  |  August 04 2011, 9:49AM

    So, it is deemed acceptable to injure motorists in order to enforce traffic law? What next, snipers? This is just ridiculous. They won't be happy until someone is killed. :(

  • Burton Mail  |  August 03 2011, 10:20AM

    This is what happens when you don't pay attention to HUUUGE road signs. Anyone impaled by this bollard should be forced to re-sit their driving test in my opinion. You people get what you deserve.

  • Burton Mail  |  July 30 2011, 9:15PM

    how long before someone gets killed...dies of a heart attack...its a disgrace that this council is damaging our cars like this,what with pot holes and unnecessary speed bumps.

  • Burton Mail  |  July 30 2011, 3:35AM

    As per my previous e-mail does it take someone being killed to bring an end to these idiotic dangerous traffic restriction devices!! Surely obstructing a main right of way in this way cannot be legal!!

  • Burton Mail  |  July 29 2011, 7:25PM

    these kind of bollards are a menace why can't they be replaced with a drop down barrier like in asda carpark at least strangers to the town could see them clearly. this would save the council thousands of pounds in repair bills to the existing bollards which in my opinion are the most stupid idea the council have ever had

  • Burton Mail  |  July 29 2011, 7:21PM

    In a recent visit to Swizerland I saw widespread use of these rising bollards but there appeared to be no problem with drivers seeming to understand how they worked!

  • Burton Mail  |  July 29 2011, 5:01PM

    The bollards are fixed They don't just jump out Run into your vehicle and smash it about They let vehicles through That are allowed to go there And stop others that shouldn't You should heed signs and show more care You only have yourselves to blame Don't blame others, just take the pain Driving without due care and attention is your crime The repairs are yours, pay up, don't moan and hope you don't receive a fine.

  • Burton Mail  |  July 29 2011, 4:23PM

    No excuses for hitting the Bollards, if they dont see the signs they should not be driving, and should be fined, they are breaking the law.

  • Burton Mail  |  July 29 2011, 12:20PM

    Maybe they should have signs on the back of buses saying 'Dont follow this bus through the pedestrianised area of town if you dont want your car damaged'