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Burton mum’s perfect poem to say ‘thanks’ to hospital

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: July 11, 2014

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A MOTHER has written a poem for staff at Burton’s Queen’s Hospital as a ‘thank you’ for their efforts in looking after her son.

Sarah Cooper penned ‘Undercover Angels’ to honour the staff at the Belvedere Road site who looked after her one-year-old son Sam after he had to be admitted.

The 31-year-old, from Staffordshire, said that the move was to show her ‘appreciation and gratitude’ to staff for their hard work and kindness during her son’s time on the children’s ward.

A spokesman for Burton’s Queen’s Hospital said: “Samuel Cooper was admitted to the children’s ward earlier in the year with bronchiolitis and had to stay on the ward for a week and was given oxygen.

“It was during this time that Sarah wrote the poem.

“She was spending a lot of time in hospital with Samuel and observed all the nurses and staff busily caring for patients and it inspired her to write the poem.

“Sarah’s son has Down’s syndrome so his health is monitored on a regular basis by the hospital and Sarah and Sam are regulars.

“Sarah wrote the poem about the nurses and other staff members on the ward to show her appreciation and gratitude to staff for their hard work and kindness.

“The poem, ‘undercover angels’, is now proudly displayed in the children’s ward so that it can be shared with others.”

Undercover Angels: Poem extract about staff at Queen’s Hospital

Have you ever stopped to think

what Angels do all day?

Perhaps you’ve pictured fluffy clouds and golden harps to play?

Welcoming in through heaven’s gates

Our friends that go to rest, while looking prim and proper

In their Sunday best.

Well, while that may indeed be true, it’s only half the story!

Here with me and you on Earth

They’re hiding from the glory.

All dressed in white? Well sometimes yes,

But other colours too,

Like purple, grey, green and red and different shades of blue.

They like to see a smiling face,

but if they cannot find one,

they’ll offer one of theirs instead and soon your fears are all gone.

Sparkly heels? I don’t think so!

Their shoes are flat and plain.

They walk a million miles a day,

So their soles must take the strain.

Besides which – they’re not all girls.

Is that what you thought?

Men are Angels too you know,

Just a different sort

These undercover Angels,

Can go undetected,

even when in front of you,

their secret is protected.

They sneak up to your bedside

In the dead of the night

Check that you are stable

and your temperature ‘s just right.

If you need a cardboard bowl,

(No – it’s not a hat!)

they’ll rush it to you right away

Don’t worry about that.

They don’t like to see you cry,

Or thrash around in vain,

From time-to time, when things are hard,

You’ll see they share your pain.

Undercover Angels,

Are on a blatent mission,

to banish every single bug,

that causes a condition.

The ones in brown are best at this,

They love to find a germ!

They zap it with a special wipe,

Then really watch them squirm.

Angels have a radar,

And when you’re feeling scared,

they soon appear within your sights

totally prepared.

“Would you like a slice of toast?”

“Or shall we play a game?”

“That drawing of a spider’s good!”

“Now then what’s your name?”

Sometimes Angels work in teams,

And visit of a morning,

To double check that no-one’s missed,

And include you in their talking.

Undercover Angels,

really are a secret,

so much so, that if you ask,

they really won’t reveal it.

So if you think you spot one,

remember what to say,

thank them for their caring ways,

before you’re on your way.

For if you do that simple thing,

then wait a little mo,

you’ll notice they lift up a bit,

and soon appear to glow.

Thank you for everything you do

Love Sarah, Tim and Sam

Written by a mum whose child was a patient on the Children’s Ward

31st January 2014

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