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Burton police plea for neighbours to be considerate

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: August 13, 2014

Knives handed in under knives amnesty at Burton police station....Chief Inspector Steve Maskrey..

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PEOPLE across Burton are being asked to be more 'considerate and tolerant' of their neighbours as part of a policing crackdown.

Staffordshire Police issued the pleas as part of its summer campaign based around improving the levels of respect people have for one another.

The plea comes on the back of several incidents in the town relating to parties getting out of control and noise disturbances.

Chief Superintendent Jeff Moore spoke to the Mail about the issues.

He said: "We can be inundated by reports of neighbours being rowdy and inconsiderate, whether partying in their gardens or coming home after a night out.

"Having friends round for a barbecue or party in your garden is great fun but as people drink more alcohol they become noisier and have music playing loudly, often late into the evening.

"People coming home from a night out, talking loudly, banging car doors shut, and can disturb neighbours – more so if they and their children have gone to bed.

"When it's late, noise can seem louder and travel further. While you may be in the party mood, your neighbours may have other issues such as young children trying to sleep, work to go to the following day, or being elderly. We would ask that while you may be enjoying yourself, try to be considerate to those in your community who live near you."

As part of the force's summer campaign 'Respect: It's a two way street', officers in Burton, including Chief Inspector Steve Maskrey, are appealing for people to be considerate and tolerant to their neighbours.

A spokesman for the force said: "Many people are enjoying being in their gardens during the summer but can have their peace disturbed by others partying in theirs.

"You may be having a good laugh with friends as you fire up your barbecue but sometimes it can get a little too rowdy for your neighbours.

"We would appeal to everyone to be considerate."

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