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Burton's MP reveals 850 roles already secured for jobs fair

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: August 21, 2014

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BURTON'S MP has revealed that more than 850 jobs will be on offer at the fourth annual jobs fair in the town – with hundreds more set to follow.

Andrew Griffiths also confirmed that big hitting firms Boots and Marston's, both with bases in Burton, were the first major companies to sign up to offer roles at the event, which is set to be held on Thursday, September 18, at Burton Albion's Pirelli Stadium, in Princess Way.

The event is set to offer thousands of jobs to people currently out of work.

Mr Griffiths told the Mail: "I am extremely pleased to announce that in only one week we have already secured 850 jobs to offer to the people of Burton.

"I am also delighted to announce that Boots, based in Centrum 100, and Marston's, based in Shobnall Road, have also decided to come on board, support the event and offer up a host of jobs."

The Mail previously revealed that Burton-based firms Pirelli, Spirit, Punch Taverns and Uttoxeter-based JCB have all been named as sponsors of the event.

Mr Griffiths is now appealing for more businesses to sign up to attend the event.

He said: "We can have a maximum of 50 firms exhibiting on the day and already we have had 15 sign up to take part.

"I am thrilled with how well it has all gone just over a week after we launched this year's jobs fair.

"We had more than 3,000 jobs on offer last year and we are now well on the way to having thousands on offer for the people of Burton later this year at the Pirelli Stadium.

"An integral part of this event is getting major firms to sign up and back it.

"That is why news that Boots and Marston's have come aboard is a great boost and reflects the calibre of the event as a whole.

"The jobs fair will have a wide variety of roles on offer for a wide range of people.

"There will also be help and advice on a range of matters geared around getting people a job.

"We have recently seen unemployment fall yet again in the town and we hope that this jobs fair will help reduce this figure even further in the future.

"We are looking forward to a great event and helping a lot of people in the town."

Any businesses interested in taking part in the event should call the MP's London office on 02072 197029 or email andrew.griffiths.mp@parliament.uk

More than 1,600 people descended on the event last year in the space of only five hours with several walking away with a job on the day.

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  • mattlong  |  August 22 2014, 12:37AM

    Ditto Andy. And to be fair to Andrew Griffiths its not just the jobs on offer but I met people post the last fair who told me even though they didn't find a job on the day, found the advice about cv writing and interview skills to be invaluable. Having praised our MP I must apologise to anyone in the Labour party and on the political left in this town for my apparently longstanding 'disloyalty' to the socialist cause. But while most of you were otherwise engaged I myself was in attendance at the NHS protest event on Thursday event at the Caribbean club. Perhaps I should have been at home firing off tweets to those who happen to vote differently from me instead.

  • AndyBettridge  |  August 21 2014, 10:40PM

    Doing one myself on the 12th with my MP in sunny Blackpool. Really proud to be organising such an event and hope it has a positive impact on people's lives. Got 41 exhibitors with a real range of organisations from the FSB to the local hospital and even a north west journalism college. Whether we are labour, Tory (or even that rare breed of a lib dem), I think we all recognise that these jobs and skills fairs are a positive thing for all communities.

  • mattlong  |  August 21 2014, 9:56PM

    I certainly agree Andrew's job fair is fantastic and I even had the good grace to write about it in the Burton Mail last year Ian. I also agree that (a) morally and (b) strategically it would be best if Labour party supporters backed it rather than picked holes in it. I'm with you on that. Your statement 'I don't care about all the political stuff' is a privileged one because that is precisely the greatest achievement (a) of the New Right in this country and (b) of Andrew Griffiths locally. The statements you made about "they are jobs" are indeed inherently subliminally political and Pointing West pulled you up on them. The greatest success of the political right in this country; the greatest success of Andrew Griffiths locally is to build a platform for someone like yourself to claim that the statements you make are above politics and non-ideological.

  • ianpage123  |  August 21 2014, 9:35PM

    I thought all the figures now come from ONS ? isn't that correct are you saying those figure's are changed ? I don't care about all the political stuff every party should be getting behind the Burton Jobs Fair and helping people get jobs and increase the jobless self esteem and giving them a pay packet. Andrew Griffiths has done a great job over the 4 yrs in organising this event, just think how many people have got a job over the last 4 yrs because of this event.

  • mattlong  |  August 21 2014, 9:04PM

    Certainly if you have worked at a place and felt the reporting of employment figures has been inadvertently or deliberately inflated this must be very annoying indeed and in this sense I bow to the primacy of your lived experience. This being said I'm trying (and to be honest I have failed miserably for the last two years) to try and encourage the political left to be a little more thoughtful about its strategy of engagement in terms of the local political scene. To further the boxing analogy which I'm fond of, when the 'opponent' in the blue corner is a proven counter puncher is it really wise for the red corner to charge into the centre of the ring throwing big right crosses? Any boxing coach will tell you that a proven counter puncher will find the straight right cross easy to block, parry and then to counter. With a counter puncher you use your 'left' and you pick and pop and flick out a few gentle jabs. This allows you then to move in close. The political left including the Labour party doesn't award points for the boxer with the cultured left hand and nor does it try and win the fight over 12 rounds. The trainers tell the red corner to keep throwing bombs and that not to worry that most are missing because one will eventually land, if not this round then the next...the next...the next. Go and watch the famous 1987 fight between Marvin Hagler and Ray Leonard and on May 6th next year have a think about why our blue cornered counter puncher is playing 'Sugar Ray' all the way...

  • mattlong  |  August 21 2014, 7:15PM

    I agree with that sentiment. I think its a failure of the political left (not just the Labour party) to attack on an issue which is clearly beneficial to Burton. Pointing West was right to ask questions about the type of jobs on offer but all on the political left have much to learn about how to present their arguments. Very easy to set the wrong tone and allows Andrew Griffiths to say "Look everyone. I organise a jobs fair and now I'm getting criticized". In my experience Andrew is masterful at doing that in terms of the art of deflection. What the political left should be doing is saying "Hey Andrew, great news about the jobs fair and keep up the good work BUT would you vote in Parliament to ban zero hour contacts etc". The political left should not be attacking Andrew on his undoubtedly good work in organising the jobs fair but it should be reminding people that the job of an MP is to look upwards to central government and ministerial level on issues. Certainly the party which I intend to vote for - the Labour party- is incapable of applying this pressure on Andrew Griffiths and he knows it.

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  • RzaGuerrilla  |  August 21 2014, 7:13PM

    This is most likley a lie again, I have 2 witnessing of lies regarding employment with Burton Mails past articles... both with the Euro Car Parts opening in swadlincote in 2012 and with Burger King Burton 2012... I know first in hand they are lies becoz i worked there at the time and the figures were indeed highly exaggerated

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  • ianpage123  |  August 21 2014, 6:43PM

    @pointingwest I must admit I don't agree with Zero Hour Contracts because I feel it don't help with planning your day and monies.. but last year when going round 99% of the jobs seem Temp or Perm Jobs. So Let's see first what type of jobs on offer first before criticising it. But I do hope all the political parties will get behind this Jobs Fair and not use it as a political football as per some of the other issues locally this is a great Event for helping people find jobs and helping the local economy. So come on everyone get behind it and support Andrew because it's been a great success over the last 4 years !!!

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  • mattlong  |  August 21 2014, 6:12PM

    I agree with the pertinent points made by Pointing West on this one. Labour is becoming increasingly casualised in these post-industrial times across the Western world and the type of jobs on offer do indeed matter because the casualisation of labour has human consequences in terms of access to education, health and life chances more generically. This being said I agree with Ian's point about crediting the leadership of Andrew Griffiths on this one. What the Labour party should be doing on this one is getting local councillors and people in the party down to the next jobs fair to look at what Andrew has done well and to look at how they could potentially build on this and make it even better should they be elected in May 2015.

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  • PointingWest  |  August 21 2014, 5:34PM

    Ian, it's this "a jobs a job" mentality that has allowed employment agencies to run amok and run people's lives and i'm speaking from first hand experience here. The scourge that is ZHC jobs and the uncertainty of if I've got work from one day to the next, while in the back of my head thinking "thank god i've got a job" it actually lowered my self-esteem and self worth and put me in debt thinking "next month will be better" so i'd have to borrow money to help cover bills. Unless you've worked in that environment it's patronising to use the phrase "They are jobs" or "A jobs a job" the sign of a good local and national economy are how many people are in well paid, permanent employment. As I said, well done for the event taking place and I fully support the initiative but rather than just "giving A job" government and politicians should encourage businesses to be able to expand to offer a job that will give long-term financial stability, not just short term statistic inflating ego boosts.

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