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Celebrate the Queen's birthday with a cocktail

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: April 16, 2014

Black Prince Cocktail

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TO celebrate Her Majesty’s birthday, Beefeater Gin pays homage to the most prized crown jewel - the Imperial State Crown - with the launch of its citrus and plum Black Prince cocktail.

Tapping into an emerging trend for hand crafted bottled cocktails, as seen in leading bars from San Diego to Shoreditch, international brand ambassador for Beefeater Gin, and creator of the new cocktail, Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge said: “I wanted to create a cocktail that was fun and playful but was still steeped in the history of the royal family so it was to the crown jewels that I looked for inspiration.

"The name Black Prince is given to the huge ruby that adorns the Imperial State Crown, its size and colour reminding me of a beautifully ripe plum, a fruit that has always gone beautifully with gin. From this I developed the Black Prince cocktail with my signature hand crafted bottle of mixed ingredients, the leading lady here being plum with a touch of honey for sweetness and lime for bite.”

This step-by-step recipe ensures that this cocktail is easy to prepare without the need for specific cocktail equipment.

The hand-crafted bottle of mixed ingredients to add to your Beefeater gin means that the drinks can easily be prepared in advance, stored in the fridge and ready to toast Her Majesty in effortless style when the celebrations begin.

The Black Prince Cocktail


20ml lime juice

30ml tangerine juice

40ml honey syrup (equal ratio of boiling water to honey)*

2 stoned and cubed plums

4-6 ice cubes depending on size

Serve with Beefeater Dry a tangerine segment and slice of plum


1. Blend the fresh ingredients and ice cubes on a low speed in an electric blender. When they begin to come together and move as one, increase the speed to maximum. There should be no lumps of ice so as soon as the mixture is spinning smoothly and freely, turn off the blender.

2. Now, pour the contents through a sieve and into a bowl. Rinse the sieve and repeat the process again to get a more refined liquid. Use a teaspoon and have a taste of the mix. Is it too sweet? Too sour? Too intense? If so, add a little more citrus or sugar or water to adjust to the perfect point. Skim the mix with a small tea strainer if you have one. Pour the final mix into clean and sterilised bottles, seal and store in the fridge if using later or serve immediately over Beefeater Dry and cubed or chipped ice in small goblets.

3.Plums vary by season and variety. Therefore the balance point of this drink will vary a lot too. Taste the fruit you are going to use before using them in the drink to give you an idea as to whether they are sweet or sour and how this might affect the balance of the drink. If very sweet, you may wish to hold back on adding all the honey until you taste the recipe, and if very tart you might need to increase the honey content.

*To make the honey syrup:

Simply take equal parts of honey and boiling water and mix them together. Once the honey is completely dissolved into the water, the mix can be stored in a clean and sanitised bottle with a lid on in the fridge. When you come to use it, it will pour easily causing no mess, be far easier to measure, and most importantly, when adding it to an ice cold drink, it will not solidify and stick to the bottom or side of the glass, instead it will actually dissolve into the drink and do its job of bringing balance and flavour to the recipe.

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