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Council must bear some responsibility for this sham

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: July 16, 2012

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IT’S about time Staffordshire County Council was taken to task over the vast amount of damage Burton’s infamous bollards are responsible for.

In my opinion, they are on the verge of entrapment due to the blatantly obvious ineffectiveness of the signage.

Perhaps the Mail could tell us who carried out the ‘independent’ safety review of the signage and what brief they were given to do it, because their recommendations very obviously haven't been effective, and the council should by now have acknowledged it.

I don't believe a review could have been carried out without prior awareness of the system, which completely defeats the object.

Statistics should prove that the majority of the ‘offenders’ were probably strangers to the town without any awareness that the bollards existed, and didn't expect buses to be entering our quaint pedestrian zone.

Any fool can be shown the signs and be asked for their comment, but what does this achieve? The problem is noticing the signs when you don't know they're there, and an 8ft wide bus is blocking your field of view.

Once again, I strongly object to having to contribute to the ongoing maintenance of this offensively damaging system, not to mention its impact on all our insurance premiums.

Rollestonian, Name and address supplied

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  • Burton Mail  |  August 02 2012, 3:40PM

    I have been baffled for some time as to why our Council allowed buses to continue along High Street. Pedestrian areas in other towns find it perfectly possible to route public transport around their centres and it isn't as if there are great distances involved. Let the Mail run a poll on this suggestion.

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  • Burton Mail  |  July 25 2012, 10:27AM

    I agree with the majority of this letter, particularly the common sense view that whether the signage is adequate or not, it isn't working! I am in favour of the bollards, I walk down the street on a daily basis and it is much safer than before. Full pedestrianisation could not work with the current bus system. I recently prevented a driver from becoming impaled on the bollard near the library. They were not driving erratically they were just slowly following a bus and did not realise. There must be a better way of making them safer than this because bollards like this work successfully all around the country.

  • Burton Mail  |  July 24 2012, 11:53PM

    i have just seen a frustrated driver i think it was about 2-00 O,clock or there about's this driver he looked as though he was in a hurry to get to a meeting but by wasting his time at the bollards at new st end of high st by first waiting by one of the signs to see if the bollards would be lowered for about five minuets then moving up to the post at the bollards to press the button and speak with the operator and then spending another five minuets seemingly arguing with the operator, and then in the end having to turn around and most probably finding himself late for his meeting. if he had only took more notice of and read the signs properly then he would not have missed his probable meeting if he had got one to go to and he would of got there in a more relaxed mood and if he had not got a meeting to go to then he would find that by taking notice of and reading the road signs properly then he may just be contributing to a longer and more healthier and relaxed life for himself from Mr Vivian D Hankey

  • Burton Mail  |  July 20 2012, 10:01PM

    How big do the signs need to be before idiots stop ignoring them. Drivers have only themselves to blame, if you can;t follow a simple sign you shouldn't be on the road.

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  • Burton Mail  |  July 19 2012, 2:22AM

    As I have said many times before will it take some one to be seriously injured or killed before the council will see sense and remove these highly dangerous devises. What would happen to a childs pram or pushchair should it be unfortunate enough to be over these contraptions when they extend or even under an elderly person wishing quite legally cross the road? As a local I am aware of these monstrosities but I agree with you Rolleston resident that a stranger can easily be caught out by these as the warning signs are completely hidden from a drivers view if travelling behind a large vehicle such as a bus.

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  • Burton Mail  |  July 18 2012, 4:56PM

    While I also strongly object to having to contribute, via my council tax, to the near constant repair bill of the Bollards. I strongly disagree that the Council should be taken to task over the amount of damage that they inflicted on motorists that flout Pedestrian Zone rules. The number of accidents that these bollards have been involved in gives a very clear indication as to the scale of the problem of people driving into a Pedestrian Zone. Following the review some signs are now almost 300 yards from the bollards so the question I would ask is why are these divers paying so little attention to their surroundings? Or why are they driving so close to the bus in front that can't see them? To me that sounds like driving without Due Care & Attention! I my opinion there are two further things the council should do: 1) Charge the motorist for the cost of the repair 2) Put some signs on the back of the buses as that seems to be the only place the offending drivers have been looking!

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  • Burton Mail  |  July 16 2012, 6:54PM

    Hear hear. Lets stop all traffic from entering the pedestrian area as it should have been from the start. I for one am fed up with playing dodge the bus, dodge the security van, dodge the cyclist, dodge the etc etc etc.... Even once getting shouted at and two fingers stuck up to me by someone in a security van me for daring to walk across the pedestrian area.

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