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An Easter message from the Bishop of Lichfield Rev Jonathan Gledhill

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: April 18, 2014

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“WHILE we all love a carol service, for Christians, actually, the most important week of the year is Easter.

“In fact, we believe it’s the most important week in the whole of history.

“It is the event which makes sense of everything. In the ancient world, it fulfilled all the prophesies. Today, it tells us who we truly are – people who are loved and called by God to let his love and wonder into our lives.

“Historical accounts give compelling evidence that a man called Jesus was executed, rose from the dead, was seen by his disciples and finally spoke with hundreds of people. He said it would happen and it did. And you can read about it in the books of the Bible called Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

“This was a man who taught that human beings were created by God and matter to him; that if we follow Christ, death isn’t the end of the story.

“On the cross, Jesus paid the price for all the things we human beings have done wrong.So the cross is the heart of Christianity: it’s where historical truth and spiritual truth combine and explode into the world.

“People become Christians for lots of reasons, of course. For many, the penny drops when we realise that the resurrection really happened. It is not a fable but a moment of historical truth, pored over by scholars for hundreds of years and found to be robust and secure.

“Because Jesus did what he said he would do, we know we can trust him when he says who he is. At Easter, we don’t celebrate a death. We celebrate what happened next; we celebrate a life.

“If you, like most people, tick the box marked ‘Christian’ when the census comes around, why not come into church and give thanks. Jesus died so that whoever believes in him may have eternal life.

“A very happy Easter.”

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