Published: 01/11/2012 11:36

10 of the Best... men's bags

Written bySimon Clewes

In the Noughties something revolutionary happened in men’s fashion. 

The male handbag was born.

After the initial scorn and derision that saw the bag as a warning symbol that men were becoming too feminised (remember the ‘metrosexual’, anyone?), the re-named and re-born ‘man bag’ took centre stage in most men’s list of fashion essentials when we realised that it just made common sense to carry our things around in style. Today the man bag is something nearly every modern man owns, so much so that there’s almost an overwhelming choice of different bags on the market today. 

Take a look at our pick of the top ten man bags, all of which are guaranteed to look great and make your life loads easier when on the move. It’s time to stop shoving things in pockets and throw away that battered old rucksack. The man bag is here and it’s here to stay!



Gul Bag Co  |  Topman  |  Burton  |  Fat Face

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