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Fashion Apps

Smart phones are fast becoming a necessity for the vast majority of the population; these gadgets help us keep up to date on everything from emails to the latest runway collections.  The market for apps is, therefore, unsurprisingly booming with hundreds of new apps being published each day - many of which are free.  For quite some time I have been perusing the fashion apps available and have managed to whittle down my vast collection to a handful of (what in my opinion are) the best, most useful and pocket friendly iPhone and android apps out there to keep you in the loop and perfectly on trend.


Do you ever wonder what clothes you have that will go with that Chloe blouse you've spotted or if the shoes you've fallen in love with in Zara will actually go with your favourite LBD?  If you've nodded your head to either of these questions, or are still yawning from staying awake all night trying to remember to pair your Jimmy Choos with your suit for that important meeting, then this is the app for you.  Stylebook houses your wardrobe at your fingertips, with parent categories such as 'Tops', 'Bottoms' and 'Shoes' being broken down into subsequent denominations ('sleeveless', 't-shirts', 'blouses' etcetera), helping to streamline your outfit choices - a feature which stood out to me amongst the other wardrobe apps that I've tried.  Although adding photos of your clothes might seem like a laborious task, the 'Quick Add' feature which runs off the 'Shopstyle' online catalogue (featuring many major brands such as Topshop, American Apparel and Alexander McQueen) speeds up the process to just a few clicks. As well as allowing you to create looks, there is a section dedicated to holding all the photographs that you've been inspired by.  Unfortunately this app is only available in the iTunes store at the moment, but they are working on an android version which should be being released very soon!



Keeping up to date with all of your favourite blogs can be a difficult task if you don't use Bloglovin.  This nifty app allows you to subscribe to all of your favourite blogs and will then notify you when a new post is published.  The interface of this app is really easy to navigate with all of the new posts having a 'mark as read/unread' and 'like' function - allowing you to save your favourite posts for future reference.


This app has been called the Instagram for fashion lovers and it truly lives up to this accolade.  With many celebrities snapping their favourite fashion finds, Trendabl is a mecca for anyone looking for the latest trends or some inspiration.  Once you've snapped your latest lust, filters allow you to ensure your photography looks professional and you have the opportunity to categorise it to facilitate future browsing. 


Although many of the high street shops have hopped on the app-bandwagon, few have managed to be as successful as Topshop have been.  Their free app has been finely tuned to include everything a client could desire and more.  The home page boasts links to the Topshop blog and tumblr as well as featuring the latest features from their main website.  Delving into the app, all of the clothing available on the website is neatly detailed (and available offline!) under the 'shop' section and can be favourited into a 'notebook' for further lusting.  The crème de la crème of this app is, however, the barcode scanning feature which means you can find the product on the app to tweet, add to your notebook or check its availability in your home store.


Although this app's boundaries aren't solely confined to fashion, but art and other creations in general, this treasure-trove boasts an amazing collection of pieces often produced by less well-known designers.  This app is filled with the 'Fancy' communities favourite items, ranging from designer jackets hot off the catwalk to snaps taken from vintage magazines and even quirky household objects, which you will equally fall in love with (or rather, 'fancy').  A strangely addictive app, you'll constantly be clicking it to check that there's nothing new to long for or add to that ever growing 'must buy' list!

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