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Outfits inspired by The Great Gatsby

Written byYasamin Saeidi

On Thursday 16th May, one of the most exciting film prospects of recent times will be hitting our cinema screens. Baz Luhrman – one of my favourite film directors, is taking on the adaptation of one of my all-time favourite books – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. I’m so excited I could weep.

The opulence of Gatsby’s parties, Fitzgerald’s painfully beautiful writing brought to life and Jay-Z’s inevitably cool soundtrack are all enough to put this film into my top ten movie list before I’ve even seen it.

flapper girl

Let’s not forget one of the film’s most thrilling elements however – the fashion. The novel was set in what Fitzgerald coined as ‘The Jazz Age’. The roaring twenties gave birth to a new era of women – known as flappers for their modern, non-chalant attitudes to drinking, sex and fashion.

Traditional notions of femininity were thrown out and long flowing locks of hair were chopped off in favour of chic bobs. Corsets were disposed of, and with it the attraction of womanly curves in favour of slender, athletic body types accentuated by straight cut long dresses with low formed hiplines. Although linked to a more rebellious attitude and a more boyish look – flappers still maintained a high level of glamour, with diamonds and pearls and statement jewellery inspired by the art deco movement. Check out our picks of Great Gatsby inspired items in the slideshow below:




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