12:07 Wednesday 11 December 2013

Jarlsberg Lite has a 'hole' lot of taste


IT’S not very often I have anything favourable to say about low-fat cheese, it’s even rarer I am positive about one of my favourite food stuffs being sold in slice-form.

However, I am about to eat my words – and a whole lot of Jarlsberg.

Norway’s favourite cheese now comes in a lower fat variety and fans of this holey variety of cheese will be pleasantly surprised to find it has retained its delicious, nutty and sweet taste but are in for a treat as Jarlsberg Lite has only 16 per cent fat (the normal has 27 per cent).

Perfect for those who are watching the calories (that’ll be in about three weeks’ time for many) while losing none of its nutrition.

Once upon a time it was impossible to melt any type of cheese unless it was full fat yet Jarlsberg Lite melts readily without becoming messy or stringy. Toasties while on a healthy eating regime? What more could a cheese-lover wish for?

So Jarlsberg Lite has the okay from me. It’s delicious and perfect served with crackers, on toast, in sandwiches or just snaffled from the packet ...

A 140g packet of Jarlsberg Lite is priced from £1.75 and available from selected Waitrose and Sainsbury’s Local stores.

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