12:33 Saturday 14 December 2013

Mexicana hits the hot spot


Mexicana Xmas Hot and Spicy Selection. £5 from Asda Mexicana Xmas Hot and Spicy Selection. £5 from Asda

THE hotter the better, the smellier the better. That’s how I like my cheese.

Mexicana Extra Hot isn’t for the faint-hearted – it’s for those who know no fear. Okay, so I may not be the bravest of the cheese eaters and when I first tried the Mexicana range I was more than impressed. Even in slice form it met my exacting standards – not rubbery, just a block of gorgeous crumbly cheese simply sliced.

Mexicana is made with an abundance of unique Poponocini peppers and secret Mexican seasoning and the hot, soft and crumbly cheddar gives the mouth a run for its money.

This Christmas special includes Mexicana regular cheese (although there is nothing regular about it – it’s much more exciting than ‘regular’), Mexicana Extra Hot and a jar of Shaws Flaming Hot Chutney.

Now I did try the chutney and extra hot cheese together and I thought my hat was going to fly off, so I mixed it up a bit and spiced up milder cheese with the chutney. Those who like spicy food – a really hot curry springs to mind – will love this collection.

One thing is for sure, makers Ilchester certainly know how to produce cheese and have made my Christmas a bit more cosy.

The Mexicana Xmas Hot and Spicy Selection is available, priced £5, from Asda.

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