13:45 Saturday 19 October 2013

SLIDESHOW: Melanie Sykes becomes the first official voice of cane sugar


KNOWN for her distinctive voice and accent, broadcaster and model Melanie Sykes has become the first official voice of cane sugar.

This follows research which revealed that almost half of us Brits don’t know what ‘muscovado’ is.

With almost one in 10 believing that muscovado is an alcoholic beverage and more than a third not having the confidence to pronounce it properly, videos of baking-lover Melanie will now be featured on ‘talking packs’ of sugar to educate the nation on the vast range of golden and brown cane sugars available.

To demonstrate that there is more to sugar than simply adding sweetness, Melanie’s unique voice will now be featured on all Tate & Lyle Sugars packs via a Blippar app.

Shoppers will be able to use their smartphones to ‘Blipp’ packs of sugar in order to download special videos of Mel pronouncing the names of the sugars, as well as explaining how to use them. The videos have been developed to give budding bakers the confidence to pronounce – and use – a whole range of golden and brown cane sugars to open up a whole new world of flavour in their baking.

“Becoming the voice of Tate & Lyle Sugars has truly opened my eyes to what an incredible world baking is,” said the gorgeous Ms Sykes.

“Muscovado, and other golden and brown cane sugars, really can add exciting flavours and so much more than sweetness to baked treats. I’m hoping that seeing my videos on Talking Packs of Tate & Lyle Sugars will give bakers and shoppers like me the confidence to pick up more than just a bag of their regular white sugar, and inspire them to be a little more creative in the kitchen”.

Marion Bignone, at Tate & Lyle Sugars, said: “Tate & Lyle Sugars range of golden and brown cane sugars do not just provide sweetness, but flavour as well. However, our research has shown that one in 10 people in the UK don’t know what ‘demerara’ is, and a quarter would not be able to confidently pronounce it. We hope that our new Talking Packs will encourage baking fans across the nation to become more adventurous in the kitchen and give people the confidence to pronounce, and use a more exciting range of sugars.”

Tate & Lyle Sugars is Britain’s largest cane sugar brand and launched its Taste Experience range earlier this year. Inspired by regions from around the world, the eight distinctly different Fairtrade sugars showcase the diversity of flavour and texture available exclusively from cane sugar.

The new range has been created to encourage a new generation of bakers to get creative in the kitchen and for more baking inspiration and recipes log on to www.tasteandsmile.com

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