Published: 13/07/2012 07:00 - Updated: 13/07/2012 10:18

How to Make Your Hair Rain Proof!

Rain is every woman's worst nightmare - with so many different hair textures everybody's hair will react completely different to rain and humidity.

With all this miserable rain around we asked Claire Chell, The Francesco Group's Creative Colour Director & Creative Team member at the Stafford salon, to advise us on the best way to prevent and tackle soggy hair!

"Unfortunately there will never be a perfect quick fix or a miracle cure however, we can offer help and advice on how to help everyone prevent a bad hair day caused by rain.

"Clearly, the best investment will always be an umbrella to prevent your hair from getting wet however, we don't always have these to hand! Once the rain has dampened your hair, it may start to curl, frizz or lose body/volume. At this stage, the only option is to rescue it with an up do!

"Plaits are bang on trend this season - if your hair is longer a simple plait or high ponytail would be a fantastic look to have on these damp days. The more hair that is tied back or up the better!

"The best advice I can give during these wet summer months is to make sure your stylist recommends to you all the right professional styling products to create your look. These products should contain heat defenses and humidity blocks, which are the defenses the hair needs to stop environmental factors such as rain interfering with your desired look."

Fight the frizz with a ponytail!
Fight the frizz with a ponytail!
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