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Where to meet your ideal partner and internet dating mishaps

Written byEleanor Carroll

In today's world, where everyone has less money than they used to, less potential dates are hitting their local cattle markets (nightclubs) to find a match. So where does this leave the average person when hunting down a mate? Don't despair! I have compiled a list which consists of guaranteed places to find a special friend!

office love note


Completely disregard all you have heard about dating your co-workers being a bad idea! This is one of the best places to find love! You spend most of your time working, with your colleagues, so this gives you ample time to 'hit on' fellow colleagues! And you will remember the conversations, as you'll be sober! (hopefully). If it does all go wrong, you get to be at the centre of office gossip! Winning!

Job Centre

Don't knock it until you've tried it! Firstly, you'll both be aware of each other's financial situation, so there won't be any awkwardness when it comes to dates. Secondly, you'll both have a lot of free time to get to know each other and build a long lasting relationship until you bag yourselves jobs.

GP's Surgery

In this situation, you both know that the other takes their health seriously! Plus there will be no nasty surprises later on down the line! Plus chatting up a potential mate will pass the time in the waiting room. 


When dating, there is always that fear that someone won't like you when they see you at your worst! So where better to see someone when they are sweaty and gross? No horrible surprises at a later date! Plus there is the added bonus that they care about their health!


Your dating dilemmas:

Dear Eleanor,

After initial hesitations I decided to bite the bullet and jump into the world of online dating.  I quickly received a message from a really cute guy who lived close to me and seemed to share a lot of my interests. So I replied and we sent each other quite a few emails, over which he came across as exactly the kind of man I have been wanting to meet. He seemed thoughtful, open and funny. Plus, from the few photos I’d seen – I was very much physically attracted to him. It seemed like a good idea to ask him if we would like to meet up. He took his time arranging a date with me and kept making excuses. I thought he just wasn’t interested.

Eventually, we managed to arrange to go for a drink in my local pub. I was really nervous that he might not turn up, but when I got there, I spotted him straight away. I walked on over and gave him a cheery ‘hi!’ and a friendly hug. He looked confused and was quickly joined by a very angry looking girlfriend… I felt my cheeks burning in anger and embarrassment when I suddenly felt a tug on my top. I turned round, looked down and I soon realised that the man I had approached was just a lookalike to my online date. I was surprised to find that the man himself was a person of restricted height. He had totally failed to mention this to me, and come to think of it, he had only sent me pictures of himself from his shoulders up. Feeling flustered (the angry girlfriend still holding a gaze of rage) , I continued on with the date. After I got over the initial shock, we got to chatting and had a lovely evening together- we have so much in common. But knowing that he kept this from me the whole time we were emailing each other makes me wonder what else he has hidden and I don’t know if I can trust him. Do I go for a second date?

Thank you for your email. You see the problem with internet dating, is that people are dishonest. Creating a false identity behind a keyboard is very easily done! You can pretend to be anything from a fairy princess to the CEO of a multinational company! It appears to be something that comes with the territory. I'm sure there may be things on your profile that you have embellished? In the world of internet dating, you can't really 'try before you buy'. It's like ordering from a catalogue - you just hope it fits and worry about refunds later! From this chap's perspective, I could see why he'd not be completely honest about his height. Would you have responded to his message if you'd know that he was shorter than Frodo Baggins? I doubt it! It sounds to me like he wanted you to get to know him before you passed judgement! You got on great! So does it matter if he only comes up to your elbow? 

With regards to your worry about trusting him, he didn't exactly lie about his height did he? The only thing you really have to worry about now, is trips to theme parks and their height restriction guidelines.  If you can't face the thought of riding the Oblivion alone, then maybe this isn't going to work out. If further down the line,  it does turn out that he has lied about other things, there is always Jeremy Kyle! Don't forget, everyone lies... from your parents to your cat! (if it could speak, I'm sure it would be dishonest). There was no harm meant with this little (no pun intended) white lie!

Have you got a dating dilemma? Want Eleanor to explain it all? Email your queries to staffordshirenewspapers@gmail.com.

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