08:11 Monday 14 January 2013

10 a day here and there

Written byHeart Research UK

January is a great time to set some goals and work towards making 2013 the year when you boost your fitness and reap the benefits for your heart and body.

Could you squeeze in 10 minutes more a day of physical activity as your first step towards reaching the recommended 150 minutes a week?

Every morning, think about the day ahead and the 10 minute slots that you could make work for you. Don’t forget to be spontaneous though in case the outdoor sun is beckoning and you have some unexpected free time to get your body moving and getting your heart rate up.

Here are some 10 minute activities that could find their way into your day:

  • Tidy-up time – clear out the garage or sort right to the back of those cupboards

  • Sprucing up – have a thorough vacuum getting behind every piece of furniture, cleaning windows and picture frames and wiping down the kitchen walls and doors

  • Travel wise – park and walk; if you take the bus, get off a stop earlier and walk to the local shop for the newspaper

  • Work smart – have a break and walk around the building inside or outside and make sure you get out at lunch time for a brisk walk

  • Stepping up – use the stairs wherever you go, make lifts and escalators a thing of the past for the fitter you

  • Gardening – Dig up the garden, tidy up the driveway or do a litter pick in your neighbourhood

  • Get out more – Walk the dog, jog round the park, take the kids cycling or take up skipping


Over the next few weeks, you’ll soon find yourself doing three 10 minute sessions each day and will have that glowing feeling that you are on your way to a fitter you, a more efficient heart muscle, a more toned up body, healthier cholesterol levels and blood pressure and a real bounce in your step.

10 more minutes is all it takes to get you on the way to a fitter, heart-healthier you.

For more information and advice about healthy living, contact Heart Research UK via email lifestyle@heartresearch.org.uk.

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