09:46 Wednesday 05 February 2014

CAROLYN'S BLOG: It's all getting quite stressful


29/08/13 Carolyn Bointon, Marathonist - Mayfield, Ashbourne 29/08/13 Carolyn Bointon, Marathonist - Mayfield, Ashbourne

ONLY four weeks to go until the Silverstone half, and a couple of months left until London – I should be feeling relaxed and confident and possibly even looking forward to the challenge.

So why am I a bag of nerves and stressing daily over this? I know I can complete the half – I’ve done 12 miles already, and it was fine. I’m not chasing some crazy sub-4 hour goal for the marathon, I simply want to complete it in less than 6 hours, and still be coherent enough at the end to enjoy a pint of shandy of a bag of chips!

OK, perhaps I might be tempted by something slightly stronger than a shandy...

I’m really looking forward to not feeling the pressure too – I did start to enjoy my regular short runs of three to five miles, but now I feel ridiculously guilty if I only plan a little run, knowing my training plan calls for 15 and 20 miles epics at the weekend.

Of course, my stress is not helped by the fact I have been advised by my physio not to run for a week because my knee is playing up again.

We went for a gentle trot around Carsington at the weekend – we were out in force – 2 dogs, 4 runners, 2 bikers, and after two miles my knee just said ‘sod this’ and gave way. I had to make my excuses and limp back to the car feeling very down in the dumps and defeated.

Still, every cloud and all that – the lovely little coffee shop in Carsington’s square was open so I enjoyed a big fat skanking sausage bap with a double cappuccino. And no, it wasn’t skinny.

Funny, now I have a valid excuse to not go running, I discover than I actually want to get out there. I would never have imagined that happening six months ago.

I can’t win. I’m stressed when I do run, because I’m not running far enough. I stress when I don’t run because it’s only a few weeks till the big day. I stress when I can’t run because what will I do if my knee gives out when I’m halfway over Tower Bridge?

Whoever said running was a good way to reduce stress levels really had no idea!

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