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CAROLYN'S MARATHON BLOG: Blog nine; Getting to grips with the new lingo


29/08/13 Carolyn Bointon, Marathonist - Mayfield, Ashbourne 29/08/13 Carolyn Bointon, Marathonist - Mayfield, Ashbourne

I'VE been thinking....26.2 miles. That’s my house to Derby train station – and back. Without catching the train for the return journey! Or it’s a one way trip to Whaley Bridge.

Don't get me wrong, I like Whaley Bridge – there is a cracking little tea shop there, but I would go for a day out, in the car - not a casual afternoon run.

And here I am, week eight, jogging just four miles and feeling totally worn out afterwards. So I still have a long, long way to go – literally!

This week saw the start of the next stage in the My Asics plan. No longer on the ‘Pre-Conditioning’ phase, I have moved into the ‘Getting Faster’ phase. I laughed – getting faster indeed!

I have maintained a similar pace from the start – I just can’t seem to persuade my legs that they can go any speedier!

What I have done though is increase the distance that I can jog/walk/bitch/breathe and still stand at the end!

And that has been my main goal really – after all if I maintain my current pace I will complete the marathon in just over five and a half hours, and that’s not far off my target time.

Remember my goal is simply to get to the end before the street cleaners start their rounds!

For the last few weeks my training schedule has been full of reassuringly easy goals – 2.5 mile jogs at 15 minute/mile paces.

I have been smashing them to be honest and feeling smug about how far ahead of the game I am, even though deep down I am very aware that I could probably power walk that distance quicker!

But now all of a sudden the plan has moved up several gears, and the next month ahead shows scary times to come – my Sunday long runs have increased to 6.5 miles comfortable and 8.5 miles pace, even my usual weekday short, easy runs are all over four miles at PPM (pace per mile or, in other words, my target pace for the marathon). I’m worried but I’m ready for the challenge!

It’s getting mighty confusing though, I feel like I am speaking a completely new language all of a sudden.

There’s a WFLoA to learn (whole load of acronyms).

I’ve got to grip with my PBs (personal bests) and I know the BPM (beats per minute) needed from my music playlist to get into the running groove.

I’m yet to do a long run at my PPM (pace per mile), but my RICE skills are second to none after the knee problems (rest, ice, compression, elevation).

I’m going to try LSD later this month too (long, slow, distance) – perhaps it will be a PW (opposite of PB) but I hope not!

Then there are the more technical terms – right now I am running with negative splits.

Simply put my second and third miles are run faster than my first one.

I’m not doing strides yet (short, fast interval runs) but I am ok with my comfortable runs (they are nice and slow).

It's my PPMs that are a worry (the faster runs at my desired marathon speed, remember?).

You still reading? Good, thought I had lost you after the LSD remark.

Remember in the running world it's long slow distance runs and nothing chemically mind altering. (Although of course running is meant to release its own high when the endorphins kick in, I'm still waiting for that little treat!)

Who knows, I might even try in some Kenyan Hills next week (that's basically up and down hill running, I won’t be jetting off to Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro any time soon).

I’ve not read up on Fartlek training yet, I still get the sniggering girlie giggles whenever someone mentions it, so I guess I am not a mature enough runner for that just yet!

There is however one term I fully understand, and have no problem doing at all. REST.

In fact I think I will go and have a small recovery snooze right now. This marathon training isn't all BNAHW you know! (bad news and hard work)

Geek Peek

11 Oct 2pm 2.5 miles 33 minutes 13 Pace 13.18 min/mile Cold and rainy Ave HR 134

13 Oct 3pm 4.01 miles 54 minutes 02 Pace 13.27 min/mile Cold and windy Ave HR 136

16 Oct 5pm 2.6 miles 33 minutes 38 Pace 13.01 min/mile Wet cold and windy Ave HR 139

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