17:16 Saturday 23 February 2013

Easy monitoring of your fitness


Fitbug Air

Priced £24.99 — £49.99 www.fitbug.com

EMBARKING on a new fitness lifestyle, complete with diet and exercise regime is a huge undertaking, making it difficult to know where to start.

Wellness company Fitbug may have the answer with the Fitbug Air; it records every step you take, the calories burned and distances covered throughout your day before using Bluetooth technology to send the information to your iPhone or other smartphone.

This information is then sent to Fitbug’s own website where members can enter the food they have consumed that day to calculate their calorie intake and monitor their daily progress.

After a few days of monitoring, Fitbug creates activity and healthy eating targets which adapt dynamically based on your daily performance, which can be viewed using the accompanying app on your smartphone.

To keep you on the fitness ‘straight and narrow’ Fitbug uses a range of communication tools, from text messages and email updates through to online records, all of which keep you driven and motivated towards your goals.

In use, I simply clipped the Fitbug Air to my belt and forgot all about it while it sent regular updates to my phone, which provided a fascinating insight into how far I actually walk during the day.

It can’t obviously monitor any exercise that isn’t based around running or walking so you will need to add these efforts to the Fitbug website personally.

Overall, the Fitbug Air proved to be a useful piece of kit, allowing those already into fitness to see where improvements could be made, while allowing new healthy starters all the extra motivation they could need.

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