Mobile App adds a touch of gym excitement to treadmill boredom

Kinomap Trainer App

£7.99 per month or £49.99 a year

THE Kinomap Trainer App is a new iPhone and iPad app which allows the user to turn their treadmill, rowing machine or exercise bike into a fun new fitness device.

Once the App is installed you simply pick a suitable video and train along to it using a connected monitoring device attached to your foot, bike or rowing machine, to monitor your pace alongside the video.

Setting up couldn’t be simpler, all you have to do is download the App from Apple’s App Store, plug in your device using an ANT+ key and you are good to go.

There is a monthly subscription for the App, coming in under five pounds but the number of videos available grows daily, with the added option of uploading your own movies too.

It is important to remember this App uses a 3G connection to stream the video, so its worth checking you can get a good signal in your gym if you are using it away from home Wi-Fi, you can however download your chosen video beforehand to solve this.

I tested this App on my iPhone 4s and it worked perfectly, although I have to say it would be far better on the larger screen of an iPad if you have one.

Kinomap also connect their App to the Apple game centre, giving you the ability to get competitive with other like-minded Kinomap users.

Overall, the Kinomap Trainer is a clever idea which is great for taking your mind off your usual training session in the gym, providing you are prepared for the cost of the initial equipment outlay coupled with a monthly fee too.

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