Nutrition supplements for increased fitness

If you train regularly for long periods of time, Particularly in the realms of running or cycling, you are almost certainly going to come across various energy gels, drinks and supplements at some point.

There are a myriad of different supplements on the market for use before, during and after training or exercise, all provided by a variety of different manufacturers — Ultimate Sports Nutrition being one of them.

The two products on review here are both a break from the normal drinks and gels on the market.

The Epic Pro All-in-one is a scientifically formulated endurance, energy and recovery drink. Filled with fast acting nutrients, it aids peak performance and helps speed up muscle recovery, covering three different types of drink offered by rival companies.

In practice, I tended to use the Epic Pro during longer rides on the road bike and it worked very well, providing a welcome energy boost mid-ride.

When cycling, I always travel with plenty of water to stay hydrated while in the saddle; this proved a good thing alongside the Epic Pro as like most energy drinks it was particularly sweet.

It is worth noting that USN aim the Epic Pro All-in-One at endurance athletes and those looking for rapid recovery, meaning it is not really worth taking on board for shorter periods of exercise, where it’s high sugar and dextrose content wouldn’t be beneficial — especially to those trying to lose weight as well as increase fitness.

Overall, I was impressed with the energy provided by a single Bidon of Epic Pro while cycling, it really helped to maintain a good level of performance during day-long rides.

While out testing the Epic Pro, I also found time to take on board a couple of USN’s Vooma Energy Gels.

I’m a big fan of energy gels as they provide an instant boost in energy and are easy to take on board without stopping, they also usually come packed full of caffeine to further increase that boost.

USN has done things a little differently with their Vooma Gels by deciding to make them caffeine free, not something that made much of a difference to me during testing.

Complete with everything needed to not only improve energy availability but also reduce muscle cramping, the gels worked well and tasted as good as any gel can I guess, while giving the usual welcome boost expected of any energy gel.

USN Supplements: Epic Pro and Vooma Energy


£43.39 (1kg Epic Pro)

£37.99 (24 sachets Vooma Gel)

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