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Holistic Bliss

Written byLeah Cassady

Cathy Fernie set up Holistic Bliss in October 2010 after she stumbled into this career by her own curiosity to learn.

Holistic Bliss, based in Burton upon Trent, offers relaxing Clinical Complementary Therapies such as Clinical Aromatherapy, Clinical Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage to both men and women.

The business began when Cathy worked at a nursing home. She was asked to provide manicures for the residents and after taking an evening class and really enjoying it she decided to go a step further and do degree course so she could also give aromatherapy massages.

During her degree she chose to set up her own practice which started off with just one client who came once fortnight but has grown so much that she is expanding her business.

Holistic Bliss tailors treatments to each individual and a full medical history is taken during the first appointment to ensure that the appropriate therapy is given. They provide complementary therapies which work alongside any treatments prescribed by a doctor or hospital consultant and often combine therapies to help treat a medical condition.

Complementary therapies help your body to rebalance itself, Cathy explains. “Your own body has amazing healing powers and complementary therapy treatments encourage your body rebalance and heal itself.”

“Relaxation is huge part of what we do, because people come in with stress related conditions and often relaxing helps to relieve that stress.”

You’ll be surprised what Holistic Bliss can treat. They specialise in relaxation, stress relief and pain management but can help with anything from headaches, panic attacks, grief, depression, anxiety, muscular aches and pains, insomnia and sleep disturbances, arthritis, IBS and much more.

“We live at a very fast pace these days and our bodies aren't designed to just keep going and going, we do need to stop, take some me time and relax,” Cathy discusses.

“Some people find it very difficult to actually relax and they come in here and find they are able to. I also try and help them achieve that at home and often give suggestions about what they can try.”

If you want to find out more, they offer a free consultation to establish your requirements and work out which treatment would be best suited to help with your condition. Visit their website for more information.

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