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How to get involved in clinical trials at Mid Staffs

Written byCarol Parton, Senior Research Nurse, Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust

A Clinical Trial is designed to answer specific questions about new therapies, new ways of using known treatments and to determine whether new drugs or treatments are both safe and effective, writes Carol Parton, Senior Research Nurse.

People being cared for in the NHS benefit from past research and continue to benefit from research that is currently being carried out.

The healthcare professionals who carry out the research at Mid Staffs are mostly the same doctors and nurses who would normally treat you. Their aim is to find better ways of looking after their patients and keeping them healthy.

At Mid Staffs there are opportunities to be involved in Clinical Trials in many specialist areas. These include Cancer, Haematology, Rheumatology, Gynaecology, Urology, Critical Care, Medicine, Dermatology, Paediatrics and Midwifery.

Senior Research Nurse Carol Parton 

There is a National commitment to enhance the contribution of research to health and social care and it is felt that research is essential to the successful promotion and protection of health and wellbeing. At Mid Staffs, we are able to offer patients the option of taking part in a trial as part of their care and treatment pathway and we feel it’s every patient’s right to have that opportunity.

We have received National recognition for our participation in trials and enrolment into a pre-surgery breast cancer trial and a post surgery radiotherapy breast cancer trial, has been particularly successful at Mid Staffs.

There are a few routes you can take if you wish to become involved in a clinical trial, but perhaps the most traditional way is to be referred by your hospital doctor or GP.

Taking part in a clinical trial may involve more hospital visits and investigations but this varies with every trial.

If you are a patient, carer or family member and are interested in learning more about Clinical Trials, please contact Jill Stacey Clinical Trials Manager or Carol Parton Senior Research Nurse.

Each year, International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated around the world on or about the 20th May to celebrate James Lind who introduced one of the first clinical trials into the deadly disease scurvy in 1700s.

We will be celebrating at Mid Staffs with various events around Stafford and Cannock Chase Hospitals.

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