REVIEW: Seams Hand Cream

Published: Tue 17 Dec 2013

Created for a fashion designer’s studio and touch-safe when handing fabric

Tried and tested exfoliating body scrubs

Published: Thu 25 Jul 2013

Liz Earle

The recent heatwave may have left you with a nice tan- but it's important to remember to look after your skin in such times. Sun protection is an absolute must, but also, the heat will be drying out your

VIDEOS: Tried and tested summer nails

Published: Fri 21 Jun 2013

Sally Hansen salon effects leopard print

Nails are huge and what better time to start investing in a few products from an abundant range than when the weather is warming up.

Tried and Tested eye liner

Published: Sat 23 Mar 2013

Revlon, ColourStay Gel - £6.99

Eye liner, whether you use it daily or just for defined eyes on a special occasion, there are a few things you want from it. Personally I look for bold colour that lasts.

Tried and Tested Lip Colour

Published: Mon 17 Dec 2012

Lancome Lipstick - Rouge in Love

It's the party season, but who needs an excuse to wear some gorgeous lip colour. Here I've tried and tested a variety of brands as well as different types, from traditional lip sticks to lip stains and lip gloss.

Tried and Tested Eye Shadow

Published: Fri 28 Sep 2012

i-Divine Snapshot Palette by Sleek - £6.49

Eye shadow is used a fair amount by us women, so I thought I'd scour the shelves, from pocket friendly brands to some more pricey choices, and report back about what each one was like in colour, texture and staying power.

Tried and Tested Dry Shampoo

Published: Wed 22 Aug 2012

If you don't have time for a relaxing shower, try this quick fix!

If your time is scarce, dry shampoo is a great and quick solution to refresh your hair in between washes. Leah Cassady tests the market from top end brands to own brand alternatives.

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