Excrement art on Turner shortlist

A man who has spent 15 years drawing an imaginary city whose residents are human excrement who have sex in public is the bookies' favourite to win the Turner Prize.

Paul Noble, from London, has been creating detailed drawings of fictional city Nobson Newtown for the last 15 years.

Inhabitants of the partially ruined city are living excrement who, in some scenes, engage in orgies.

His work has been described as a parody of an ideal city.

Also shortlisted for the art award, which is handed out at Tate Britain gallery in central London, are Spartacus Chetwynd, Luke Fowler and Elizabeth Price.

Performance artist Chetwynd, who "lives and works in a nudist colony in south London", changed her name from Lali on her 33rd birthday "to remind people they have a choice in life".

She has said: "Like my art, my name-change annoys people. The moment it stops annoying people, I will rename myself again."

Chetwynd puts on puppet performances with a group of friends and family using her own handmade costumes and sets.

The artist, whose mother is a set designer who won an Oscar for Howards End, always participates in her productions, wearing just a bikini for a performance called An Evening With Jabba The Hutt.

Her other work includes a week-long performance The Walk To Dover, in which she and her troupe dressed as Victorian street urchins.

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