Late change to immigration bill

The Home Secretary has slotted in a last-minute change to the Government's immigration bill to allow British terror suspects to be stripped of their citizenship even if it leaves them stateless.

In an apparent effort to appease Conservative backbenchers calling for tougher measures in the new legislation, Theresa May has tabled an amendment which will permit the removal of a UK passport from any suspect whose conduct is " seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the UK".

The Home Secretary already has the power to take away British citizenship from those with dual nationality, however, this change would allow her to make subjects stateless if the person has been naturalised as a British citizen.

The move is likely to anger human rights campaigners, who have previously likened such at tactic to those used in states such as Zimbabwe, where statelessness has been used to clamp down on political dissent.

It comes as the Home Secretary and Prime Minister David Cameron face a backbench rebellion when the Immigration Bill returns to the Commons tomorrow.

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