Published: 17/08/2012 08:00 - Updated: 16/08/2012 13:14

It's Bulb Season

Welcome to Garden King's Plant Doctor Blog, where our experts discuss and answer all your gardening questions. This week I'm talking about bulbs, glorious bulbs! Autumn flowering, spring flowering and a very unusual variety!

It's bulb season and this year at Garden King we've more than doubled our usual offering. We have hundreds and hundreds of bulb varieties in store now which are ready to plant for glorious Spring colour.

We've also got two great varieties which can be planted now to flower this Autumn! 'Miracle' bulbs are quick growing, autumn-flowering bulbs. At Garden King you can find Colchicums (commonly known as Naked Ladies because their flowers appear on their own before the leaves). The leaves can get quite messy so we recommend you grow them in between your perennial plants. By the time your Colchicum leaves appear, your perennials will have lots of growth and hide the leaves.

Saffron Crocus
Saffron Crocus

You'll also find Crocus Sativus (Autumn flowering Saffron Crocus) which has been cultivated for centuries for its long red stigmas that are used as a spice and as a dye for cloth. It requires a little more care than some other types of crocus but if you plant them in deep rich soil you can't go far wrong. 

Planting and Feeding Bulbs - for the best results!

Bulbs are some of the easiest garden plants to grow, you need well drained soil and sunshine. As a general rule, you should plant bulbs two bulb widths apart and about two to three times their own depth. Always plant them with the top facing upwards - try planting sideways if you're unsure which way is the top.

For best results we recommend you mix in a slow release plant food such as Feed-all from Westland, the ready to use granules promote active growth and keep the bulbs fed during their growing period. We also recommend you plant your bulbs in or with Taylors Bulb Fibre, this ready to use compost promotes strong and healthy growth of ALL bulb types. You can use it as a stand-alone growing medium for tubs and baskets or you can mix it in with your soil beds. Taylors Bulb Fibre and Westland Feed-all are available at Garden King now.


A very unusual flower...

Well you know we're a funny old bunch at Garden King but now we have a brand new, peculiar variety of bulb in stock. It's a tulip called Ice Cream, why not be the first in your neighbourhood to grow this exceptional new tulip. Looking good enough to eat with cone-like and long lasting blooms that will look excellent in your borders, patio or walkway gardens. Plant now for flowers in April/May.

We are the one-stop-shop for all your bulbs at Garden King, with our inspirational displays and the hundreds of varieties on show you can rely on us for the utmost in quality. We're on hand to answer any question you may have so come and see us today. Don't miss our fill a bag daffodils, great value at £2.99 a bag!

If you have any suggestions, questions or comments - feel free to drop us a line (we'd love to hear from you!). You can email, call us on 01283 550 516, add us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Happy gardening x

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