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Krator Neso 04

Priced £29.76,


WHEN I told the team in the office that I would be reviewing a set of USB-powered computer speakers which cost less than £30, the response I received wasn’t very warm.

Everyone assumes that to get good sound from a computer you need to spend a fortune and have mains-powered amplified speakers.

The mood in the office certainly changed when I unpacked these stylish speakers.

The white speaker housings with their bright orange and black cones certainly look impressive, and as the units stand close to 17cm in height, they are certainly noticeable on the desk.

Connecting to the computer is simple as the main speaker unit features an audio cable to connect to the output socket on your PC and a USB cable which draws power from computer.

To the rear of this main speaker unit is a volume control, a bass control and a port should you need to connect headphones.

The office was now beginning to warm to the speakers as they certainly had the image of a quality speaker — but the big test still to come is what the speakers sound like.

Track after track was played as my colleagues tried in vain to find music with poor sound reproduction.

Unfortunately for them, these good-looking £30 speakers left them gobsmacked.

They soon agreed that these speakers perform equally as well as models double or triple the price and pack enough power to rock the office without too much distortion.

So what makes these speakers perform so well?

The Krator Neso 04 speakers pack a 16 watt (RMS) amplifier, a 1-inch Mylar high-frequency unit driver and 3-inch paper dome unit driver.

Gadget buffs will love to know that the speaker’s frequency range is 70-20khz and that the input independence is 20k ohm — but the crux of the matter is that these speakers look great, sound great and cost less than £30.

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