Published: 13/05/2011 08:00

A TV deal too good to be true it was a misprint


A GROUP of office workers were left with frowns rather than smiles when they were told that bargain 55-inch televisions being sold online were not quite what they seemed.

Diane Smith, Matt Vinall and Julie Wheeldon
Diane Smith, Matt Vinall and Julie Wheeldon

When Julie Wheeldon spotted the monster LCD televisions for sale on the Currys website for just £259, she thought the offer seemed too good to be true.

After she and three colleagues placed orders, the electronics retailer announced that it would not be handing over the goods due to a website error because instead of costing £259, they actually cost £2,259.

Mrs Wheeldon, of Walton on Trent, who works in Burton, said: “I was shocked to see the items on the website for such a low price.

“I thought to myself ‘you never get the chance to buy products like this for such a low price’.” With the retailer refusing to hand over the Samsung televisions, the four employees were offered a full refund instead.

Mrs Wheeldon said: “I do not want my money back. I want the television.

“I am quite upset by this whole episode and it has left us disappointed.” Mrs Wheeldon and her colleagues believed the retailer was legally compelled to hand over the goods once the order had been approved.

The company, however, disagrees.

Mark Webb, a spokesman for Currys, said: “Much as we are known for our market-beating prices, it was clearly an error which made a 55-inch high definition television be briefly advertised for under £300.

“We can understand if customers feel aggrieved of course, but our terms and conditions are very clear that if a mistake is discovered we may cancel the order even after confirmation is received.”

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