14:12 Saturday 28 December 2013

A38 journeys from hell show need for changes

Written byROB SMYTH

Gap closed on A38 south, opposite Marley Tiles Gap closed on A38 south, opposite Marley Tiles

A TERRIFIED passenger has recounted her tale of two journeys from hell along the A38 - a move that she says reinforces the need for safety changes to be pushed through.

Gwen Cooper, from Walton on Trent, contacted the Mail to highlight the need for a raft of changes from central reservation gap closures to speed limit reductions following two recent incidents.

She decided to speak out after the Mail revealed that major improvement works were put on hold due to the objections of just three people to the Highways Agency.

It also comes just days after the closure of the gaps between Branston and Barton saved the lives of a mother and daughter travelling along the road.

Mrs Cooper said: “I am absolutely gobsmacked to hear that just three selfish people for whatever reasons they have want to put lives at risk.

“Usually a petition of thousands of signatures wouldn’t have made any difference to a Highway Agency decision so why are these three people so special?

“Last week we were driving along the A38 in the inside lane when a large lorry stopped in front of us, my husband swerved to overtake it to avoid us hitting it luckily we were only travelling at around 40mph and, lo and behold, a car was turning right through one of these infamous gaps to get to the other side.

“My husband had to brake furiously to avoid hitting the car and only just managed to avoid a nasty accident - thank goodness there was no-one behind us.

“On another occasion, a long wagon was turning through one of the gaps to get over the road and his back end was sticking out into the overtaking lane meaning cars were having to stop - an ideal situation for a good pile-up.

“Please, please do something about this before any more people get hurt or die and forget these selfish people who might be held up for a few minutes, they will be held up a lot longer if they get behind a nasty accident.”

Previously, Andrew Griffiths branded the move to delay the implementation of safety features due to three complaints as ‘disgusting’ and East Staffordshire’s top cop Steve Maskrey pushed for the work to continue, labelling the changes as ‘vital’ to driver safety.

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