11:30 Sunday 29 December 2013

Alcohol Public Health Advice a selection of top tips

Written byROB SMYTH

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DR James Crampton, clinical director of emergency and acute medicine at Burton’s Queen’s Hospital spoke to the Mail to offer some top alcohol health advice in the run up to the new year.

His top tips included:

• The maximum alcohol intake for a man is 3 to 4 units per day and 2-3 units per day for a woman.

Please bear in mind that some higher strength drinks such as lagers and real ale may have a higher percentage alcohol content and therefore contain more units than standard lagers or ales;

• If people are planning to drink alcohol maybe swap some alcoholic drinks for soft drinks to ensure people do not become significantly intoxicated;

• Please bear in mind alcohol intake the night before driving.

People may well be over the legal driving limit the following morning if they drank alcohol the night before; and

• Finally, regular alcohol intake is associated with significant health problems such as obesity and liver disease.

Please drink sensibly and if people are concerned about alcohol intake then they should seek the advice of a healthcare professional as soon as they can.

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