08:00 Tuesday 06 March 2012

Angler 'gutted' after his club kicks him out for catching too many fish

Written byROB SMYTH

A PROLIFIC angler has been forced out of his club after other members threatened to quit because he was too successful.

Paul Kiely
Paul Kiely

Paul Kiely, 39, of Caris Brooke Drive, Stretton — dubbed the ‘Barcelona of Burton’ by some fellow fishermen because of his similar level of success as the all-conquering Spanish football club — revealed that he was ‘gutted’ to learn of the move taken by Rolleston Angling Club.

Members took the unanimous decision after the postman won half of the club’s matches last season, and described him as being ‘leaps and bounds ahead of others in terms of ability’.

Mr Kiely told the Mail: “It is wrong, I am very upset and I am absolutely gutted with the decision.

“I was told that I was too successful and other members were not happy, but it just isn’t right.

“My friends have said it’ s like in football, the best team is Barcelona and because they win everything, they are no longer allowed to compete.

“In a roundabout way I suppose that kind of means that I am like Burton’s version of Barcelona in terms of angling — only they can carry on competing but I can’t.”

Mr Kiely won 10 out of 20 matches but was told in November last year that he was unlikely to have his membership renewed and at a club meeting in February the decision was rubber stamped.

He added: “I was told that the decision was final, there was no appeal and at the end of the day I still don’t think there is any justification for what they have done.”

Club secretary Andy Horton told the Mail: “I can confirm that for the good of the club, a decision was made not to allow Paul back as a member.

“We have a lot of older anglers and if Paul had stayed, we risked losing a lot of members.

“The decision was made by the club as a whole and we feel it was the best one in terms of the club going forward.

“We would have lost a lot of people and the fact was that Paul is leaps and bounds ahead of others in terms of ability, and this was having an impact on the other members and causing an issue following his success.

“I would like to stress that this decision is nothing personal against Paul — it was taken by the club for the good of the club.”

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