Published: 19/07/2011 08:00

Animee is the new name as brewer targets women

Written byROB SMYTH

Animee Clear
Animee Clear

A BURTON brewer has revealed it is set to launch a new beer aimed at women in an effort to stem the decline in ale sales.

Molson Coors has unveiled Animee — described as a light, sparkling, finely filtered beer — after more than two years of product development and testing.

Launching in early Autumn, Animee is part of Molson Coors’ plans to ‘make beer a real choice for women’ who are seen as vital in growing a shrinking beer market.

The move was made by the brewer after research showed that only 17 per cent of its beer sales were to females Animee will be available in three different versions — clear filtered, crisp rose and zesty lemon.

Molson Coors communications partner Kristy McCready said: “Women are an essential part of future growth for the beer industry and can no longer be ignored.

“We need to repair the reputation of beer among women by launching products that meet their needs.

“Driving a growth in beer consumption among women is no mean feat.

“Currently 79 per cent of women in the UK never or rarely drink beer, only accepting to drink beer on a small number of occasions.

“At Molson Coors, we have put a lot of time into finding out why women aren’t drinking beer, conducting an insight programme with more than 30,000 women, and what would make them change their minds.

“The result is Animee, which we see as an exciting opportunity to break down the barriers between women and beer.

“The brand plan and the product design are feminine and sophisticated without being patronising.”

Animee is the end result of the BitterSweet Partnership, a multi-million pound business set up by Molson Coors in 2009 to ‘remove the gender imbalance that exists around beer consumption’.

The firm will launch a £2 million advertising campaign in September to promote the arrival of Animee to customers.

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