14:16 Friday 06 December 2013

Appeal renewed for Great War memorabilia

Written byMARK MCKAY

AN appeal for villagers to dig out First World War memorabilia has been renewed after a disappointing initial response.

Last month Ticknall Parish Council appealed to residents to donate pictures, medals and documents for an exhibition in the village to mark the conflict’s centenary which starts next year.

But councillors said they may rethink their plans after minutes from the latest meeting revealed the parish council had ‘not had a good response’ to the request.

The parish council’s chairman Nigel Picken again urged villagers to try and find out what they could about their family’s role in the war.

He told the Mail: “There are some families in Ticknall who have lived here all their lives and will be able to trace their family history back a long way.

“I have got my grand-fathers shaving kit and medals from the time so these sorts of things would be really useful.

“My original thought would be to explore who these people were and what type of job they did.

“It would raise awareness of what people who went and fought.

“Some of these people gave their lives and it would be good for the kids who live in the village to see what happened.

“It would be of great interest to the village.”

Mr Picken also said a First World War centenary committee will be set up to work out how the village can mark the anniversary.

He said: “I think some were disappointed with the appeal because we had not got as much as they might have hoped.

“Once our committee has met we will be in a much better position to see what we have got, it’s still early days.”

Mr Picken added that a list of soldiers from the village who fought in the war had been released in the latest edition of the parish council newsletter, those who died are marked with an asterisk.

He said: “It’s amazing how many people from the village went.

“Looking at some of the names, there are still people with those names who live in the village today.”

Anyone who would like to donate memorabilia should call the parish council clerk Celia Bunston on 01332 865226.

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