16:46 Tuesday 21 January 2014

BREAKING NEWS - Derbyshire proposes to raise the council tax


DERBYSHIRE County Council is proposing to increase council tax by 1.99 per cent.

It follows a public consultation asking residents whether they would prefer to freeze council tax at the current rate or raise it.

Of the 2,814 responses, 58 per cent said they would support an increase of two per cent or more.

The rise would mean an increase of £21.49 a year – or 41p a week – for a Band D property and £16.71 a year – or 32p a week – for a Band B property.

Councillor Anne Western, county council leader, said: “Increasing council tax is the last thing we want to do. We know residents are struggling to make ends meet and we’ve done our best to keep council tax just below the rate of inflation.”

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