08:00 Thursday 06 February 2014

Warning: Explicit lyrics Burton duo release song against Channel Four's The Undateables.


A PRODUCER and rapper from Burton have released a song in protest against Channel Four show The Undateables.

Joe Bird and Ryan Ellis, also known as Hyper, collaborated to create the track called Dear Channel Four #undateables in which they vent their anger at the show, which follows people with disabilities and learning difficulties as they enter the dating world.

The video has already had more than 4,000 hits on YouTube in just a few days.

Joe, 26, who has cerebral palsy, said: “We thought Channel Four portraying the whole disability issue in this way was out of order.

“Even the name The Undateables reinforces social barriers.

“It has taken us by surprise how popular the song has been, so many people feel the same way. When the show is on we want to get it trending on Twitter and get people talking about it.”

Ryan, 25, said: “We just wanted to make a stand. I saw the last series and turned it off, I thought even watching it was making fun of disabled people. It’s like the show is meant to be funny and the people who take part don’t realise that. I think it is cruel but quite sweet to watch.”

A Channel Four spokesman said: “Over three series The Undateables has followed a range of people who say their ability to form relationships is affected by an impairment or challenging condition, and charts their quest to find love in an image-obsessed world where anyone who digresses from what’s considered to be ‘normal’ is often deemed to be ‘undateable’. The programme title reflects how society often views such people and is intended to challenge misconceptions; all contributors are both happy with it and their experience of the programme.”

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