Published: 31/07/2012 08:00

New brewery hopes to bowl over cricket fans


A CRICKET-LOVING father and son have set up their own brewery — the Golden Duck, the term used to describe a batsman dismissed first ball.

Harry Lunn
Harry Lunn

Andy, 48, and Harry Lunn, 23, of Sandlands, Swadlincote, established the 5.5- barrel unit at Red Hill Farm, in Appleby Magna, after taking out a loan.

“I studied brewing and distilling at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, so it was always my plan to start my own brewery,” said Harry, a sampling technician at Kerry Foods, in Burton.

“I thought I would do it when I was a bit older but I had a job at Hopback Brewery in Salisbury and was made redundant at Christmas. I moved back to Burton and we thought ‘why not, why don’t we go for it?’.”

Harry and his father, a management consultant and married father of three, bought the brewing equipment from Rough Draft Brewing, in Northallerton.

They then set about producing the type of ale closest to their hearts — golden, hoppy bitters of about five per cent alcohol by volume (abv).

Head brewer Harry looks after the ale while Andy, who is learning the trade, focuses on sales and paperwork.

The partnership has so far produced three beers: LFB (Lunns’ First Beer), the first and a golden, light, refreshing beer of 4.3 per cent abv; Nosey Parker, a premium golden ale with a light, bitter taste of five per cent abv; and Wristy Fisty, a chestnut, light beer of 4.6 per cent abv.

Harry and his father, both members of Hartshorne Cricket Club, have completed five, 1,500-pint brews and named the fruits of their labours after people they know.

“We’ve had a really good response from the first two beers,” said Harry. “We’ve not sold the third beer yet as it’s not quite ready.”

The Mill, in Hartshorne, and The Mushroom Hall, in Albert Village, are among pubs which have sold the Lunns’ ale.

Boggart Brewery, in Manchester, has also acted as a wholesaler by delivering some of their beer to London and Newcastle.

LFB and Nosey Parker have sold out, an achievement which augurs well for the future.

“If I have to take it on full time I’m more than willing because that’s my aim,” said Harry.

Further information, including on polypin sales of nine, 18 and 36 pints, is available from Harry on 07427 403328, Andy on 07846 295179, or

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