12:50 Monday 03 February 2014

Calls to arms in bid to see speed limit lowered

Written byROB SMYTH

27/01/14 Road issues in Rangemore - Church Road, RangemoreRoad campaign, Rangemore....Di Milner / Jim Allan 27/01/14 Road issues in Rangemore - Church Road, RangemoreRoad campaign, Rangemore....Di Milner / Jim Allan

A CAMPAIGNER bidding to get the speed limit cut in an East Staffordshire village cut has urged every single resident to ‘let their voice be heard’.

Rangemore resident Jim Allan, who has been leading a bid for a new 30mph speed limit for the past year, issued the plea in an open letter to people in the village.

He urged people to make their opinions heard to council chiefs, police bosses and even members of parliament after the Mail revealed nearly 30 drivers were caught speeding near to All Saints Primary School while children exited just yards away from the road.

He told the Mail: “Rangemore has become a ‘cut-through and a rat-run’ for drivers with no regard for safety or the residents or schoolchildren.

“For the past year, I have been asking the borough and county council to change the speed limit through the village down to 30mph if not 20mph. A petition was handed in to the council last September.

“Borough and county councillors agreed to perform a speed and volume traffic survey, which has been completed and shows that more than 5,000 vehicles per day travel through Rangemore.

“Over the past two years, I have committed to our community speedwatch and have noted the increase in through traffic and the number of speeding vehicles travelling at more than the 40mph limit.

At the moment, temporary 20mph electronic signs are in position to add to the ‘20mph is plenty outside our school’.

“Speed enforcement is required on a regular basis, as it is on the A515 through the villages which already have 30mph limits.

“The ‘abused’ limit of 40 mph through Rangemore, past a primary school, is absurd, especially as children regularly cross the lane to use the playing fields opposite.

“A 30mph through Rangemore is the least that the authorities can achieve, the oncoming development of 2,500 houses plus infrastructure at Lawns Farm, in Branston, will only increase the number of speeding vehicles through Rangemore.

“Unless individual concerns are heard by our elected representatives, nothing will be addressed. I urge anyone in the parish with similar concerns to stand up and be counted.

“Contact and express yourself to the parish, borough and county councils, the police and the MP.”

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