10:33 Tuesday 31 December 2013

Centre offers hope to many people in need

Written byROB SMYTH

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A GROUP that helps homeless and unemployed people get back on their feet in South Derbyshire has launched a bid to bolster its resources.

Betel, based in Heage Lane, Etwall, helps people who find themselves down on their luck to regain some kind of independence.

The group allows people to be trained in a variety of skills before being able to work in one of the many arms of Betel.

A spokesman for the group said: “Men and women are trained in a wide range of life and employment skills.

“People help to fund their own recovery by working in one of Betel’s charitable businesses.

“This helps them to rebuild a work ethic, restores dignity and gives a sense of purpose.

“The result is that, on leaving Betel, they contribute positively to their own family life and society.

“Work takes many forms, from the daily chores in residences to the responsibility for managing a Betel business in the community.

“Teamwork helps to build job skills such as diligence, punctuality, dependability, self esteem and respect for others.

“Residents are orientated to the realities of the working world in one of Betel’s workshops or businesses, which include furniture repair, restoration and upholstery, house removals and clearances, painting and decorating and vehicle repairs.

“Betel has centres across the country where people can stay and learn skills and trades and get back on their feet.

“We also have a network of shops that sell donated and repaired furniture to people.

“We are a caring, not-for-profit Christian community that restores homeless and long-term unemployed people to independence.

“All of our residences are drug and alcohol free.

“Entry to our residences is extremely simple and very quick – we can usually take people the next day, following a successful telephone interview.

“Thousands of men and women have broken free from addiction through the work of Betel. If someone is struggling with addiction there is hope of a new life in our centres.”

More information is available by heading online to www.betel.org.uk

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