09:25 Friday 06 December 2013

Changes to pension age faces criticism


THE news that retirement age is to increase by three years in the future has not exactly been welcomed with open arms by the people in Burton that it will affect.

The plans, which have been brought forward, will affect people currently in their 40s who will reach retirement age in the mid 2030s when the proposals are set to be implemented.

In his Autumn statement, Chancellor George Osborne announced the earlier date and said it was down to people having a longer life expectancy.

It will mean that the date when the state pension age rises to 68 will be brought forward to the mid-2030s - it had not been due to kick in until 2046. The age could rise to 69 by the late 2040s

People now in their forties will not get the state pension until they are 68, while those in their thirties will have to wait until they are 69.

Jon Wheele, Labour’s prospective candidate for Burton and Uttoxter told the Mail: “Delay and failure sum up this Government. A million young people unemployed, economic recovery allowed to stall, and a cost of living crisis as price rises outstrip wages. And now this.

“Yes there is a requirement to review the pension age but to do so in this way is yet another example of an uncaring and incompetent government.”

We took to the streets of Burton to ask the younger generation, who will be affected by the changes, for their views. It was no surprise that it was hard to find anyone who thought the changes were a good idea. College student, who have yet to enter the world of work, mainly felt that it was unfair.

And readers on Facebook also reacted with anger to the news.

Amy Peden wrote: “I have worked most of my life, and hard. I for one am not impressed at having to work till I’m 70.”

Karl W Frost said he felt that it should be based on contribution to the country’s workforce. This would mean that those who have worked all their lives deserve to retire and enjoy the golden years, but those who spend their teens and 20s sitting around doing nothing should have to work an additional ‘x’ amount of years to make up for not working .

The GMB workers’ union have also spoke out against the plans on the basis that it is unfair for those who have manual jobs.

Paul Kenny general secretary for the union said” “Raising the state pension age even further will be a devastating blow for hard working people everywhere.

“Ordinary people do not want to work until they drop and common sense tells you that there just won’t be the jobs around anyway.

“Many occupations, especially involving manual work, simply cannot be sustained to age 70.”

Are you angry about the pension changes? Get in touch with your views at burtonmail.co.uk

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