17:46 Thursday 12 December 2013

Chef found 'not guilty' of assaulting his house mate


A BURTON chef has been found not guilty of attacking his house mate after he told magistrates he pushed her only in self defence.

Edward Archer, of Goodman Street, denied assaulting Katie Broomfield on September 16 after coming home from work late.

Moira Bell, prosecuting, told Burton Magistrates’ Court that the 26-year-old was living with Miss Broomfield and they ‘had some sort of relationship’.

On the day of the incident, Miss Broomfield said she cooked him a meal for when he got home but she noticed anger in his voice on the phone before he returned and set her mobile phone to record him pushing her onto the bed.

Miss Broomfield told magistrates the duo had ‘slept together a couple of times’ and were close friends but not a couple.

She said that up until September 16 they had been fighting constantly as they were both stressed out and after a phone call to tell Mr Archer his dinner was ready she claimed she knew something would ‘flare up’.

Miss Broomfield said they started bickering as soon as he got home and when they were both upstairs he pushed her onto her bed and waited outside the door.

She then followed Mr Archer downstairs and threw his dinner across the room and she said he grabbed her by the top of her arms.

Miss Broomfield said: “I went to my room to calm down and then I went back to him and said I have had enough of this and threw some of his stuff out of the freezer. I had had enough of arguing and feeling like rubbish.”

She added when she threw the food he pushed her onto the sofa and gave her a ‘bear hug’ before pushing her up the stairs. She then headed back downstairs to clean up with Adele Felton, who was also living with them.

When put to her by Neil O’Driscoll, defending, that she was ‘spoiling for a fight’ and it was actually her attacking Mr Archer, Miss Broomfield denied this.

He asked whether she had taken pieces of the broken plate to harm herself as she had a history of self harm, but again she denied this.

Miss Broomfield also denied attacking Mr Archer with a knife in the kitchen leaving him with a mark on his side.

However, Mr Archer told a different account of the night, although he admitted pushing her in self defence to calm her down.

He said he just wanted to have something to eat and go to bed but Miss Broomfield kept insisting on talking about the house.

Mr Archer said he tried to get her out of his room and took her to her own room to give her time to calm down but she was hitting and punching him. Although he admitted it was not acceptable to send her to her room he insisted it was for her own good.

He also said he was attacked with an object he assumed was a knife in the kitchen and managed to get it off her.

Later that night he said he received a text from Miss Broomfield saying she was having a panic attack so went into her room to help her before police arrived after a call from neighbour Kristine Priede.

After hearing all of the evidence, magistrates found Mr Archer not guilty of assault.

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