17:51 Tuesday 31 December 2013

Chinese lanterns plea by council chief

Written byROB SMYTH

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COUNCIL chiefs have issued a warning about the use of Chinese lanterns.

Staffordshire County Council’s animal health team is warning people that some lanterns contain wire parts that can be lethal to livestock.

If the debris from Chinese lanterns lands in rural areas, the wire parts contained in some lanterns can be ingested by farm animals which can cause a slow and painful death.

Mike Lawrence, cabinet member for community, culture and localism, issued to a warning to people to be ‘extra careful’.

He said: “There are Chinese lanterns available which are labelled ‘100 per cent biodegradable’

“These lanterns should have a bamboo hoop or fire resistant string rather than wire parts but people should still be aware that bamboo can take some time to biodegrade and may still cause harm to livestock.” More information is available by calling 01785 277875 or by heading online to www.staffordshire.gov.uk

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