15:18 Friday 13 December 2013

A jilted lover, letters, gifts, calls ... and prison


A MAN bombarded his former partner with letters, gifts, messages and phone calls after she ended their relationship, a court heard.

Shaun Gorman was jailed for six weeks after admitting harassment of Gina Butler in Burton between August 1 and October 15.

Helen Newport, prosecuting, told Burton Magistrates’ Court that the 43-year-old had been in a relationship with Ms Butler since 2012.

It ended at Christmas, although they continued to see each other on an on-off basis.

In July 2013, Ms Butler told Gorman it was all over but he continued to call her. She involved the police, who issued him with an order to stop pestering her.

But, the court heard, he continued to call her, drove past her house, left voicemail messages and unwanted gifts.

On one occasion, she had to talk to him for two hours in a Tesco store and an hour-and-a-half in the car park because she felt she could not escape.

On October 15, he visited her house and knocked on the door. Ms Butler was upstairs and only went down when she thought he had gone.

However, she found him peering through her living room window shouting her name – so she again called the police.

As a result of the harassment, Ms Butler said she was scared, off work due to stress and could not leave her house when it was dark.

Mark Aspden, defending, told magistrates: “He has now come to his senses that the relationship is over. This was probably some sort of a breakdown as the relationship ended around the same time he lost his mother.

“He was in a stable relationship for 25 years with two children before he embarked on the affair and he desperately wanted to talk to Ms Butler about why it ended.

“He accepts ignoring the original harassment notice and her wishes, but he felt everything was falling apart around him.

“He does accept his sadness having lost Ms Butler and acknowledges that he has to move on.”

As well as jailing Gorman, of Ashbourne Road, Uttoxeter, magistrates issued him with a restraining order not to contact her on his release.

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