19:04 Thursday 12 December 2013

Council in path safety bid ahead of winter weather

Written byROB SMYTH

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COMMUNITY groups in Burton are being urged to help borough chiefs keep footpaths safe this winter.

Bosses from Staffordshire County Council have been appealing to people across the area in a bid to increase the number of volunteers who will take to the streets and help communities by clearing away ice and snow from footpaths.

Simon Tagg, county council cabinet support member for transport and connected county, said: “Our highways crews will be working more or less around the clock gritting when the really bad winter weather hits.

“They always do an incredible job, often in very difficult conditions, but tackling winter is a team effort and that is why we rely on our band of ‘ice busters’ to help our local communities too.

“It is these local groups which have the invaluable local knowledge on what footpaths are a priority and need to be cleared first, and they do a sterling job each year in helping keeping areas safely accessible, for the elderly and vulnerable in particular.”

To be prepared for the winter, ‘ice-busting’ groups are provided with advice and support by the county council, together with grit and brine to treat locally important footways and pedestrian routes.

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