16:19 Tuesday 08 January 2013

Couples' bugbears revealed by survey


THE battle of the sexes is alive and well, according to a survey into couples’ bugbears about each other.

Mens’ top dislikes about women include taking hours to get ready, obsessiveness about shopping and spending too much on their hair.

Other male bugbears include nagging about DIY, endless TV soap operas, parking and lengthy telephone calls.

Women, meanwhile, are irked by their partners’ immaturity, dress sense, thoughtlessness and lack of interest in shopping.

They are also annoyed by men’s failure to do housework, tendency to leave the toilet seat up and lack of interest in obeying house rules.

Malcolm Ord, managing director of magazinesubscription.co.uk, which did the survey, said most problems were caused by lack of communication.

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