16:11 Friday 22 February 2013

Crater problem unites council

Written byROB SMYTH

THIS picture shows the view that has greeted residents of a street in a Burton suburb every single day for the past four months.

The near 10ft long crater was dug into a massive swathe of pavement in Quorn Close, Brizlincote Valley in November last year.

Despite repeated pleas by residents, their calls fell on deaf ears.

However, the problem has now been picked up by Brizlincote Parish Council with parish councillor Arthur Goldstraw leading the fight to put an end to the problem.

He said: “The pavement in Quorn Close was dug up last year and has not been repaired since and that goes all the way back until the start of November last year,

“I spoke to the highways team at Staffordshire County Council and they can only repair the pathway when a issue at the site is dealt with by BT.

“The issue resolves around a cable having to be sunk to a depth of around 18 inches before the hole can be filled in.

“I think this is an issue that the parish council should take on and try and get to the bottom of.

“Me and my wife have walked up to Quorn Close to have a look and it looks a mess.

“I ask the parish council to take up this problem and contact BT and try and resolve it.

“I believe they have said that they would come and solve the issues but they have yet to do so.

“We need to get on the case and make sure we do as this is the kind of thing that we, as parish councillors, should be doing.

The idea has won unanimous support from the parish councillor as well as support from ward councillor Bernard Peters.

Parish council clerk Liz James has been informed and is set to contact BT over the coming days in an effort to put an end to the problem.

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