16:07 Friday 01 February 2013

'Dirty protest' begins after dog bins removed


DOG bins have been permanently removed from a beauty spot near Swadlincote after residents failed to empty them, a charity has claimed.

The National Forest Charitable Trust, which manages the Albert Village lake site, said it removed the bins after they became full and overflowing because nearby residents failed to empty them and it would be cheaper for the charity to just remove the facilities.

Photographs have since been taken of where the bins once stood and the mess left behind.

Kim Geering posted the pictures onto the Mail’s Facebook page, saying: “Since the removal of the dog bins the site has become a complete tip and hazardous to adults and children alike. The responsible dog owners amongst us are taking our own dog bags home, but obviously there is some form of protest against the bin removal going on as its like this at all of the locations where there was previously a bin.”

Mike Ballantyne, director of the National Forest Charitable Trust, said: “We are running quite a big campaign to train dog owners to take their mess home.

“We made the mistake of putting dog bins out after a meeting with local people who said they would empty them but after a month no one was emptying them and we had to do it.

It was basically me travelling round in my own car.

“We don’t have the money to empty the bins. Its either spend £30,000 to empty them or get rid of the bins and try and raise people’s awareness and put signs up but some people are ripping the signs down.

“The issue we have is because we are a charity and the site is private then we cannot get local councils to empty the bins. Then we have situation where we allow people onto our sites for free but spend money tidying it up.

“Anyone who hangs a bag on the bin which isn’t there is breaking the law. It is a fineable offence.”

He also added that hygiene containers are available and can be clipped onto a belt.

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